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Acient Grains Healing Pains


Neck and shoulder tension  *Back pain *Muscle aches and stiff joints *Arthritis pain *Headaches and Migraines *Tired and puffy eyes *Dry eyes *Cramping *Swelling *Sport injuries *Aching feet *Ear ache *Pregnancy and pelvic pains *Post surgery *Endometriosis  

Wheat bags also know as a therapy bag can be used hot or cold to help with muscle  aches and pains on people and our beloved pets. Made with cotton flannelette and locally soured prairie wheat I add dried lavender flowers to the mix for added healing qualities. Lavender is known to stimulate blood flow and help reduce swelling. Simply heat your wheat bag in your microwave or oven, and apply to your most achy parts! The heated wheat bag will ease the pain by diluting the blood vessels increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles helping heal the damage tissue! A heated wheat bag is also great to tuck into your bed 15minutes before you climb in, this creates a warm relaxing spot just for you! Order yours today!

Heat Therapy

Do you suffer from Sore muscles, neckaches,  cramps, strains, sprains,  Cold Feet,  Arthritis joint pain? A Therapeutic lavender wheat bag heated in a microwave will soothe all those aches away with it's soothing moist heat therapy!

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