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My name is Christa

I love to create! I started making wheat bags when my boys were little, about 16 years ago! Over the years I have learned the best process for making a long lasting heat bag. I shop often to keep my fabric current and I really hope you enjoy my products! Hope to talk soon!


The Wheat Bag Shop sells wheat and lavender heating and cooling pack made to go in both the microwave and the freezer — it’s also available unscented. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or the occasional migraine, the Wheat Bag Shop has something designed to soothe your body safely and naturally.
Each order comes with instructions on how to heat your Wheat Bag.


Small 6 x 10” -spot size great for kids and cold feet
Large 6 x 21” – neck or joint wrap size

Neck Wrap 8” x 28” -great for neck and shoulders

Square 10” x 12” -great for menstrual cramps

• 100% cotton
• Organic French dried lavender flowers
• Canadian-grown prairie wheat

Prairie Wheat —Wheat berries absorb the heat like no other heat pack. The oil content keeps the wheat warmer for much longer than any other rice-filled product, wheat berries create a soothing moist heat to relive all your aches and pains.
Lavender Flower — We use lavender flower instead of oil to avoid staining your bag and for a longer-lasting scent.

Long-Lasting Heat — When heated, a organic lavender wheat bag can retain heat for up to 35 minutes or longer, providing an even, moist heat while adding comfort and relaxation to your day.

100% Cotton Flannelette — We use 100% cotton, for the softest fun designs and it is also the safest for the microwave.

Smart Design — We sew in channels to distribute the wheat berries evenly, allowing it to go all the way around your neck and heat or cool the areas that need it the most.

Double Stitching — wheat is very tiny, so to prevent any berries from coming through the seams, every Organic lavender & Wheat Bag features a double stitching.

Interested in seeing other Organic Lavender & Wheat Bags colours and styles?

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